jetty is a digital agency

Our mission is to help small to medium sized
businesses achieve outstanding results online
Matt Maclean
I’m Matt Maclean, owner of Jetty Media. I’ve been in the web industry for almost 20 years and I’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s largest corporates. However, it’s helping small businesses produce huge results online, that really gets me excited so…

A little more about us

Based in Torbay on the North Shore in Auckland. Jetty works with a select group of designers and developers to produce websites, email marketing campaigns and SEO services. We offer much more than pretty pictures. Our affordable WordPress and Shopify websites get real results.

Our Work

Our services range from large e-commerce websites, right down to simple single-page sites. No business is too small for us, and we support you through the whole process. A website is just the beginning, attracting visitors, monitoring them and creating an email database is how you get results.

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Why you should work with us

One word…experience. You don’t have to play the trial and error game. We offer affordable solutions using all the latest platforms that can save you thousands of dollars setting up your online presence.
Our Mission

Is to find the latest online SAS tools to help small businesses. From WordPress to Shopify to Google Apps we test these products in an ongoing search to make the web simple for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have all of our small to medium clients able to compete on a level playing field with bigger businesses. Using the right online tools this is totally possible.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If there is a solid system out there use that. There’s no point in developing your own software when you can take advantage of world-class systems.

What our clients say

Thanks again to Matt at Jetty who fully redesigned our new website. The new layout is easy to view, mobile-friendly and simple for me as an owner to update. We continually receive feedback from our clients on how user-friendly it is to navigate. This was the best money we spent to gain continual online business, look forward to giving you another project.- Andrew Hill -

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Interesting fact: Matt, Jetty’s founder, actually started one of New Zealand’s largest email marketing platforms back in 2000. With expertise like that to call on, why not arrange to have a coffee and pick our brains to see if there are any areas we can help you in your business.