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Ruth Pretty E-commerce Website

Ruth Pretty is a Wellington based catering company that specialise in weddings and large corporate events. They also have a cooking school and a range of products that they sell online including Ruth’s own food range and books.

Jetty developed Ruth’s original website, that was built from scratch because products like Shopify and WordPress were not around (or at least in their infancy) 8 years ago.

Ruth required not only a comprehensive online shop but also a booking system to manage orders that come through for her very popular cooking school. After much research, we decided to go with Shopify and a Shopify app that could manage the bookings and allow people to add a booking to their cart along with normal shop items.

Both the shop and the booking system cost tens of thousands to build the first time around and continued to incur additional development fees as new needs arose.

Using Shopify and a Shopify App, Ruth’s company can take advantage of ongoing updates and features that are offered, in most cases, free.


  • Client Ruth Pretty Catering
  • Date August 8, 2016
  • Tags Booking System, E-commerce, Responsive - Mobile Friendly, Shopify
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